Nourishment has been an important topic over the last twenty years with diabetes on the rise and obesity at its all time high. Nutrition seems to have different meanings depending on the spokesperson and diet trends have never known such success.

Sometimes I wonder what happened to food. Did our grandparents think so much about what they put on the table? Maybe. Maybe not. Some may argue that’s why we’re in the mess we’re in with cancer running rampant and allergies that invade every classroom. Let’s not claim to know all the answers today. Instead, let’s think about a different kind of nourishment. 

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A Mother's Love: Made in His Image

I wrote a letter to someone once. It wasn’t a pleasant letter to be writing and frankly, one I didn’t approach as prayerfully as one should. A friend ten years my younger was struggling with drug addiction, chronic lying, and had just given up a child. I was watching this girl hurt her mother, also my friend. I let anger dominate the pen as I advised, “Tread lightly for a mother’s grace will run out. Turn to God before it’s too late because His grace never will.”

I regret those words.

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