Will I Be a Wanderer?

Abram is one of my favorite risk takers. If you have a Bible read Genesis 11:27-12:5. This short passage contains the beginnings of a man of great faith.  After his dad dies at the age of 205, God calls to Abram and asks him to move. He's expected to move away from what he knows, to move away from his dad's memories. He's asked to take his family to “a land [God] will show you”. Abram is promised descendants more numerable to count if he obeys. This is a tremendous promise as Abram was 75 years old and his wife, Sarai, was barren. Out of obedience Abram and Sarai start moving to a place not yet revealed.

Fear of the unknown tends to paralyze me. Lord knows I would not have been the gal to call out and move without revealing the destination first. Abram had the choice. He could continue to live the life he knew or he could to listen, obey, and follow God's mysterious invitation. Abram weighs the cost without much hesitation. Rather than staying in the land to which his earthly father settled he decides to pursue the unknown with his heavenly Father. What appears to be foolish or rushed is a deep trust in God's care and understanding of the Lord's faithfulness.

“For he looked forward to the city that has foundations, whose architect and builder is God."  –Hebrews 11:10

The iconic faith story continues with Sarai.. A barren woman, she follows her husband and family honorably. Discouraged, no doubt, from being barren she still obeys. Laughter is her coping mechanism when God tells her she’ll bear a son. A new day comes when her name changes and she gives birth to Isaac. The promised descendants seem more of a reality now.

Sarah was shamelessly authentic. Speaking with an angel was normal because she believed in the unseen realm. She knew life beyond the physical exists. She was confident, but when promised a son, something deeply desired, she scoffed. I'm thankful for Sarah's unfiltered faith. Shameless authenticity is honoring to your Creator. Your positive traits reflect Him and your negative traits highlight His grace. Whether it is faithful following, discouragement or laughter I too am Sarai, a doubter waiting for God to renew my day.

God makes good on His promise years and generations later. Abram has long passed away and Joshua leads the Israelites into Canaan, the promised land. It's in Canaan when the Israelites finally flourish. Abram never got to see the promised land or his reward for obedience, yet God honors the promised legacy. Abram's descendants are the Israelites and all who believe in Jesus. (See passage here)

I am the Israelites many years after Abram, a witness to God’s faithfulness and promises. I have heard them, I read about them and I see them with my own eyes. However, my disobedience begs for a prophet, a Savior and redemption in my life.

I hope to be Abram. May I hear the call of God, listen, obey and follow. May I desire to wander after my heavenly Father’s voice rather than choosing a life I know. May the Lord remind me of the personal promises I have in Him and trust, by His grace, I am able to leave a legacy for my descendants, regardless of whether or not I am a witness to them.

I am a descendant of Abraham. I am offered a destiny for my family and me, which is impossible to refuse: an eternal life with God, my Creator and King. I am offered a new day of faithful following, encouragement and trust. I am a new creation in Christ. (2 Cor. 5:17) I am a Christ ambassador, willing to share my story of reconciliation to the Holy One of Israel. I am a 21st century child of God reading the story of Abram. God beckons me to wander with Him. Do I trust Him? Do I believe His promises? Will I go? Will I obey? Will I be a wanderer?

I beg the Lord out of His mercy we all look forward to living in a land whose foundations are God’s, where He is architect and builder. Open our eyes, God, to the reality that we are not from this land. We will continue to look forward to a heavenly one.