Grace is getting better than you deserve.

In the case of faith, it's forgiveness and life forever in heaven. Nothing you can do or say will make God want to give His saving grace to you any more or any less. His grace is yours. It’s that simple. “It is by grace you have been saved, through faith.” -Eph. 2:8 The Bible says believe Jesus died for your sins and you will be reconciled to God. Still, grace extends beyond one's eternal destiny. God demonstrates grace in smaller ways too. In the Bible we see grace extended to the adulterous woman, the Israelites, to Rahab, to the criminal on the cross, to us, and so many more.

Those who receive grace from God cannot help but pass the gift of grace along to another. Everyday examples of grace might be:

  • letting an aggressive driver get in front of you in a traffic jam
  • not guilting your spouse for being late
  • not ridiculing your child for spilling their drink on the carpet
  • granting your subordinate at work another chance
  • giving your friend the benefit of the doubt despite past mistakes

When someone experiences a life change sharing is inevitable. However grace is expressed in daily life believers must be givers of grace for they are nothing without it.