"Mercy is not getting what you deserve." -Cathleen Falsani

  • When you know you were driving 15 mph over the speed limit and the cop who pulls you over gives you a warning rather than a ticket. That's mercy.
  • When you forget to pick up your kid from soccer practice and leave him alone with the coach who patiently waits for you to come and no one says anything. That's mercy.
  • When you promise to do something for a friend, spouse, or boss and completely forget yet he or she forgives you. That's mercy.
  • When you're facing up to 8 years jail time for something you did in a past life, it seems, and the judge gives you 4 months house arrest and you can be with your family. That's mercy.
  • When you have no ability to save yourself from the evil that's inside all of us and God sends Jesus to die in place of you to give you life forever. That's mercy.

We experience mercy in all sorts of ways in this life. Let's recognize when people are merciful to us and be moved to be merciful to others.

"Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy." Matthew 5:7